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Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals, your source for licensed movie and film prop replicas. we specialize in Star Trek movie props, Star Wars movie props,  Alien vs Predator movie props, and related collectables.
Alien Prop replicas and miniature toy counterparts make up for a good number of product. Some props are so large, they are not practicle to keep under one roof... unless you have a 18 foot tall ceiling, in case of the Queen Alien prop, for instance. For those instances where money, or ceiling height is not viable for the prop we offer the little cousin, the Mc Farlane toys version. They are display quality pieces, and best of all, affordable. Click on image to see more details. Click "back" on your web browser to return to this page.

Aliens vs. Predator Props : Predator 2 Predator Spear Prop

Another awesome Replica from Master Replicas! This is the Spear used by the Predator, this is represented in the closed position. Another piece of an awesome aresenal of Alien Technology. Get it while you can, or you could be left out...on the hunt. Wall Plaque display is included with COA, and much more material, which is standard for a quality Master Replicas release such as this. Taking orders now.

Price: $190.00 Special Order SOLD OUT!