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To place an order:

  • By Shopping Cart: Use our on line Shopping Cart ( Powered by Paypal ), and follow the simple step by step intstructions. We do accept pre-orders for product by way of shopping cart! THE SHOPPING CART DOES CHARGE YOUR CARD AT THE TIME OF ORDER SUBMISSION. If you are not comforatable with this please call in your order to arrange alternate payment.
  • By E-mail: You can email us to place your order! For purchasing by way of money order, cash or personal checks ( with waiting period for check clearancing ). We can also use electronic billing, through Paypal, you don't even need a paypal account! *Note: Due to overwhelming amounts of spam, we are now using an anti-spam program to scan our email. If you contact us and do not get an awnser from us, odds are the anti-spam program has deleted your message. It maybe a good idea to call us directly if you want to place an order. Please be aware that the email may take up to several days to be responded to. If you do not get a reply email, please call or email us again.
  • By Telephone: If you are not comforatable with internet purchases, we can take your order over the phone! Soliciters do not call per the owner. Our Customer Service Telephone number is (253) 326-4017. Phone hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. We also can take pre-orders for product over the telephone. We accept accept Visa, and Mastercard over the telephone. Please have your order ready as well as your credit card information when you are calling. If you should get our telephone awnsering system please leave a message. Most likley we are either temporarily out of the office or assisting other customers on another line. We will return your call as soon as possible. To start work on a custom order by phone we require a 60% down payment. This covers shipping and handling of parts for your order.
We also will prepare orders for pick up if it's an order for local residents. Washington State local and state taxes apply for in-state sales. For mailing address please contact us. When ordering please have the item description as well as product number when applicable. "Finished" price on prop items are listed for reference only. A customer by asking for a "finished" prop agrees that they are purchasing the prop kit first, and asking for our build up services second.

If you order a "finished" item: Please allow a minimum of 12-16 weeks weeks for shipping. (Many items are custom built up from prop parts, and require additional work, and electronic parts depending on complexity of the prop ordered) Delays from parts distributors such as from prop parts sources or electronics manufacturers may delay the shipping time. Cancellations cannot be made, and refunds are no longer issued. Repairs due to workmanship is offered, as well as store credit.

Custom Costuming Orders: Please allow a minimum of 12-16 weeks for any custom costume order.

Please ensure, and double check that all measurements are accurate. If you write down the improper measurement we cannot replace the item for you if it does not fit properly.

Once you take posession of the item it is yours. We have a no return policy. If there is a defect in costruction, the garment will be repaired at no charge.

To order Special Order Items: Please contact us. These items depending on availability range in the amount of time it takes to bring them in for you. They are available if listed on the site. If due to an oversite, the item is not, we will contact you immediatly with the required updated information.

We Ship World Wide: Our Shopping Cart allows us to provide the best possible shipping rates possible to our customers, based on estimate by price. For international shipping we use the postal service, your order will be shipped by parcel post first class mail to keep pricing down, unless arranged otherwise. This means no international tracking numbers, only proof of shipping by U.S. customs label numbers. IF YOU DO NOT ASK FOR GLOBAL PRIORITY SERVICE WITH INSURCANCE, IT WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. IF THE PARCEL IS LOST BY THE POSTAL SERVICE YOU AGREE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY. We cannot provide you with arrival estimates due to the erratic nature of overseas deliveries. International shipments may be subject to additional taxes. Once arrived in it's destination country, the parcel may have additional taxes or postal fees that are not covered by postal or other shipping services here. It is very rare but has happened on the rare occasion. We cannot be held liable for these additional taxes as those policies are out of our control, and in the hands of your government agencies. Your countries customs may also slow down or delay your order up to a month.

For regular in stock items, not a "finished" item: These items are shipped within a few days of order, usually 2-3 unless there is a delay which is out of our control. (Example the roof falls in, trouble with computers, etc.)


Due to fraudulent activity our policy is changing. We will accept exchanges or repairs due to broken or defective merchandise. Returns may be made in exchange for store credit toward your next purchase.


Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals is a buisness, operating in the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State. We carry merchandise, and prop replica kits from Roddenberry.com, and also Also we offer a build up service, on kit props, using similar construction techniques like how their screen used counter parts were made. Where possible we use the same, accurate paints the original props were finished in. We also offer custom prop building services, if the prop is a small hand held type item. We also offer custom art rendering and design services for props or other subject. Please email us if you are interested. We will be attending conventions on the west coast when possible.

On our website we only carry items that are from manufacturers or distributors of any given item. For instance many of our Star Trek Prop replicas are made available to us from Roddenberry.com. We use a variety of sources to bring the best prices to our customers, some of which is shipped from our home office, other products will be shipped seperately, depending on our distributor.



All Star Trek items are sourced from Lincoln Enterprises as applicable. All respective Copyrights belong to their proper parent company, Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals makes no legal claim no any copyrighted material, unless specified in writing on this website. If there is any problem associated with the content of this website, and copyrighted material, please contact us. We will work with anyone to fix any problem.

Other prop items are sourced from the other vendors and distributors as needed for inventory or for special order.

Xscapes is not liable for any damages incured by the viewing or use of this website. By placing an order with Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals the customer agrees to not to hold Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals liable for any damages or incidents that may occur. This website is for entertainment and collecting purposes only. All laws apply in your area. You must be 18 years or older to buy a cutlery/ bladed item. Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals is not responsible for any injuries or deaths wich may occur from use of any of our product. Blades and Props on this website are inteded and sold for collecting purposes only, and are not meant for any actual use of any type. DO NOT MIS-USE ANY SHARP OBJECT, OR REALISTIC LOOKING PROP! Be safe keep your collectibles (be it swords, knives, or real guns) locked up. Be Safe!

Thank you for your attention.