The Scott Nakada Art Gallery, Signature Collection: Rebirth




Title: Rebirth

In the vastness of Space, a star explodes in a violent eruption of light and energy, admist a nebula among the stars. As a star dies, a new birth is given to a new creation, and new light.

Blazened accross the bottom of the Lithograph is the title and artist name in quality lettering. The Lithograph is, signed, and numbered. It comes complete matted in a 11" x 14" frame. Limited to 5,000 pieces.

Lithograph Price: $198.00


The original art work it's self measures 18" x 31" and was created using airbrush, pen, and brush techniques using a wide variety of mediums to accomplish the desired effect. the framed and matted original is also available. Note: The original does not include the title or artisit name in the large white print as on the lithograph.

Original Artwork Price: $1095.00


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