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Title: Solarship

The Solarship voyages far accross space and time to reach a new earth like planet, or is it earth? Aliens, people who's aboard, and what has been the journey. Let your immagination work, or just relax and take in the awe of the universe.

The Lithograph has special lettering over it to replcace the original concept lettering, simply enhancing the overall effect of the finished piece. The Lithograph is signed, and numbered. It comes complete matted in a 11" x 14" frame. Limited to 5,000 pieces.

Lithograph Price: $195.00


The original art work was created using Airbrush, pen and ink, as well as brush techniques, to accomplish the desired effect. The framed and matted original is also available.

Original Artwork Price: $1095.00


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