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Look for these buttons to use our On Line Shopping System! Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals Movie Prop Replicas To add items to cart. Look for this button when checking out, or to view your Shopping Cart.

Our Shopping Cart allows us to provide the best possible shipping rates possible to our customers, based on estimated product weights, and by price. And now you have the multiple shipping options, standard shipping (1-2 weeks from time of shipping), and expidited shipping (3-5 buisness days from time of shipping). All normal stock merchandise between $280 thru $900 recieves free shipping in the U.S..

International Orders now do not need to worry about additional fees. Click the payment tab, and the shopping cart automatically calculates fees for international shipping. No more guess work for customers. The price you see is the price you pay.

You may also place orders also by telephone between 9:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Over the Telephone we accept Visa and Mastercard, and also can make arrangements for personal check or money orders. contact us, directly at 253.326.4017 for customer assistance.

At this time, to order Special Order Items until the rest of the cart buttons are added: please contact us. These items depending on availability range in the amount of time it takes to bring them in for you. They are available if listed on the site. If due to an oversite, the item is not, we will contact you immediatly with the required updated information. Your satisfaction is our ulitmate goal.

For finished items such as built props, please allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks weeks for shipping. Items marked as "Finished" are built per order. (Many items are custom built up from prop parts, and require additional work, and electronic parts depending on complexity of the prop ordered) Delays from parts distributors such as from prop parts sources or electronics manufacturers may and often do delay the shipping time. For this reason we recomend ordering static props (nonfuntional) versions instead.

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