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FAN CLUB SUPPORT! Listing your club

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We at Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals recognize the fans, and fan clubs that support and contribute to the world of science fiction, and fantasy.

To show our gratitude to fan clubs and their members, we provide additional discounts to group orders of verified fan clubs that apply and are listed here.

To get your fan club listed, whether it is a Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, or whatever the sci-fi/ fantasy club, simply contact us by e-mail or telephone, and say that you would like to get your club listed for our fan club support. After we verify that your club is "real," by verifying a website that we can contact you at, we will post your banner with link here. And your club can begin to recieve club discounts starting with initial bulk orders.

  • For instance if your club needs a new set of Disruptors, or Lightsabers; initial club orders require a only a small number, a minimum of three of the same item ordered to qualify to recieve bulk discounts! Order more than that, and continue to save additonal money!
  • After the your club's initial order, club members can save more money, with an additional $5 off orders $190 or more for club members. Just contact us with what you want, by e-mail or telephone, and mention what club you're affiliated with. We'll contact your fan club to verify you're there and that's it. If you have repeat orders, after the verification process, contact us and there is no second verification process.
  • If it's custom work you need done, for your fan club, and you don't want the display base we provide take more $$ off! But remember, those display bases will have your club name on them as part of the title. We can even modify your prop to include your club's name, as a name ID plate.

We look forward to supporting your club, and your support of Science Fiction, and Fantasy. And we thank you for your continued fan support of your interest.

- Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals