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We at Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals recognize the fans, and fan clubs that support and contribute to the world of science fiction, and fantasy. We support the following clubs by providing prop and costuming pieces to the following clubs: Click on the banners to go to the club web sites. To find out how we can support your club, click here.


Visit the U.S.S. Thermopylae website! A Star Trek fan club based in the Seattle WA area.





visit the starfleet 1701st

Visit the Starfleet 1701st website! A club about screen accurate uniforms.




Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals Supports the IKV Deathgrip!

Visit the IKV Deathgrip website! Cannon Klingon Warrior club that has been filmed for Television appearances, taking part in community aid.


IKV T'Mar supports Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals. Visit the IKV T'Mar website!

Visit the IKV T'MAR website! A Klingon club that contributes to social and charity events.

U.S.S. Battleborn

Visit the U.S.S. Battleborn website! The U.S.S. Battleborn is a Federation Security Corps vessel of the IFT, based in Las Vegas Nevada.

The Fan Clubs that we support receive additional discounts for their members on merchandise purchased here! To find out how to get your club posted here, click this link.