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Bajoran Phaser

The Bajoran Phaser was designed to be rugged, and functional both in long range and close quarter combat. Technology between the Cardassia and Bajor is very similar and in fact overlap, since the two star systems are very close to each other. The two races though evolved in much different directions, one became war dominant, and the other evolved into a more agrarian society. When Cardassia enslaved Bajor and the Bajoran Resistance came to be, and Cardassian Weapons were used. An exchange of technology had taken place and the design of this Phaser was well into being.

The image of the Bajoran Phaser prop here has been enhanced to show many of the details the untouched image had lacked due to poor lighting conditions on the day the image was taken.

A few different color schemes were used for this prop (assumably different models, much like our modern real world weapons). The interesting thing on this prop is that the builders names are actually engraved on the prop.

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