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Bajoran Communicator

Again a likely off shoot of Cardassian Technology, (which can probably be traced back from the Cardassian skirmishes from with the Federation which the Cardassian Empire refuses to admit) The Bajoran Communicator is worn as a part of the uniform. The principals behind it are the same as Federation Commbadges of the 2370's. The significant difference is the stylizing between the two. The Bajoran Commbadge is in the shape of the symbol for the planet's religious belief, as are their uniform lapel pins, worn by Major Kira Nerys

The Lapel pin (left) has been called many different things, such as a rank pin, or military emblem of sorts, just to name two. While we are certain that this was the style that was used by the Major in ST:DS9, it's never been officially called anything that I know of.

The Commbadge prop was in service through the run of ST:DS9 and the two were used again in ST:Voyager, for a couple episodes when Bajoran officers were called for.

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