The Scott Nakada Art Gallery

"The immagination... it expands horizons, conceptualizes reality, and awakens dreams. Throughout the journey of the undiscovered country, our future, dreams have enlightened humanity. To dream is to imagine".

-Scott Nakada

This art gallery is dedicated to those who dared to imagine, and dared to dream.

Rebirth: Scott Nakada Signature Collection


Signature Collection: Illustrations that are hand picked by the artist.

Life Styles Collection: What many people would consider to be fine art, such as abstract and portraits.
Technical Concepts: Art which is inspired by technical achievements, of the future.
Clothing with selected works printed on them.

Mercy: Scott Nakada Signature Collection

Concert of the Eyes: Scott Nakada Life Styles Collection

Intruder: Scott Nakada Tech. Concepts

About the Artist:

Mr. Nakada's art has been displayed in art showings, in the United States, Canada and Japan. Mr. Nakada has designed and prototyped original props, and he has created countless original art pieces throughout his 15 year career. His background has experience in graphic art, model and product design, ad design, custom graphics, page layout, and website design.

Despite many offers no artwork ever produced by Mr. Nakada has ever been sold to any private party. Now only available here, at the Scott Nakada Art Gallery, past works and future pieces are available to everyone. Check back when you can, there will be more to see.

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