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TWOK officers buckle with custom belt

Bomber jacket buckle

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Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals specializes in quality television and movie prop replicas costumes and collectibles. Our movie prop replicas are made using original studio props as reference and modeling elements as used in the actual movie props used for filming.

We offer a wide selection of quality television and movie prop replicas and costumes, including Star Wars props, Star Wars Blasters. We also have a wide selection of Star Trek props, Star Trek Patterns, Star Trek Uniform Pins and Commbadges available. If there is a prop you are looking for, and we don't have it listed, contact us.

We also offer prop services, inculding prop design, prototyping, construction, limited run prop and model services, and prop build up services. Our prop artisans produce high quality props, specifically made for the collector, or for filming use.

Our Custom Costuming services extend to costuming for film use, and collectors. Want a quality Historical, Sci-Fi or Fantasy costuming costume custom made to size and order? Ask us for details and quotes.

Many products we offer are of a limited edition. We do recommend placing orders as soon as possible to assure your collectible is secure before the limited quantity available is sold out.

We offer competitive pricing, ship in the U.S.A. and we also ship world wide.


What can we do for your production?

Replica Movie Props

Star trek TNG Commbadge Prop replica

Expanded line of Secuirty Clearance Devices, and Expanded ranks available.


New Prop!The Roddenberry Legacy Tricorder @ www.xscapesprops.com

The Rodenberry Legacy TR-590 Science Tricorder

The MKII Prop @ www.xscapesprops.com

See our MK II demonstration on our Facebook page.

Now get the MK IIA kit.



Custom Props


Other productions our work can be seen in:


Starfall the series


( In Post Production, Props by Xscapes Sci-Fi Originals. )


Star Trek Secret Voyage

Need prop or design work? Or did we miss your production listing? Please contact us.